Recordings of Houston radio programs in the 60s-80s


Oh god, I would kill to have this for WRIF in Detroit from like '82-‘87. So many half-remembered songs. So much meat-headed humor. Fuckin’ Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back in Town,” whoever did “Jukebox Heroes,” The Cars, The Boss, Van Halen, and righteous amounts Seger; plus they kept the Stones, Beatles, Hendrix, the Who, Zeppelin, even Yes in rotation well before there was such a thing as a “classic rock” format. It. Was. Awesome (when you’re 10, especially.)

I tried to see if they had their playlists available online once ( ._.)

We had a couple of stations like that in St. Louis as well in the same period. One is long gone, the other is… different now. Even the “classic rock” stations have morphed into “classic hits” stations, with very limited playlists. I swear, one of these stations must be owned by The Eagles, judging from their playlist.

BTW: Jukebox Hero: Foreigner.

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I like this website because it has MP3s of KPFT, the Houston Pacifica station. Go listen to gay ex-con Station Manager Ray Hill interview two men from the National Alliance, a white supremacist group.
Also, psychedelic station KAUM/KXYZ . . . Brings back memories.

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