Enjoy the boss radio sound of KHJ 93 Los Angeles

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If you’d like to hear these with their songs intact, search for airchecks that are “unscoped”.


I preferred KFWB and XERB over KHJ.

If you are REALLY interested… here’s a link to the book (courtesy of World Radio History) on Boss Radio, written by Ron Jacobs, program director of KHJ.


Damn, he IS good. His transitions between tracks, for example, are freaking flawless. They also played a lor more music in a row back then ^^’ .

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While you’re at it, check out what was happening over at 1580 KDAY (am!!) while KHJ enjoyed an Angeleno-leans-white audience, KDAY definitely captured the Angeleno-leans-black audience. I used to tape their Saturday night DJ shows because they were amazing and already mixed! Fueled many parties.

Can’t link here apparently (?) just search on YouTube and you’ll find a ton.


KHJ was my main station as a teen in the '60s. Coincidently, a few weeks ago I ran into an LP they had put out w/ the current pop favorites.

Wow, Flashbacks to '65, I was 15 spending the summer in LA with an uncle. Watts was on fire just up the road a bit. He lived by Hollywood park in Englwood. KHJ was on all day with Satisfaction, I Feel Good, and later with Pappa’s Got A Brand New Bag as well as all the songs in the album shown in the article.
Bonus points for the “Boss” reference, the word for the summer. Even went to a club called “It’s Boss” on the Sunset Strip to see The Bobby Fuller Four. The Turtles opened. Jeesus I feel old now…

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Awesome. I had been curious about that. Can’t wait to dive in!

The fractious Friday sign offs were a marvel of broadcast skill, Marlboro, Folgers and abundant cocaine.

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