A comprehensive history of "the DJ"

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for anyone who actually is interested in a serious, extensively researched and footnoted history of DJs (starting basically with the invention of radio) well, this is it:




There’s a wonderful article about him in an old book “The Age Of Rock,” probably a reprint from Crawdaddy magazine or one of those rock mags of the '60s. He was a fixture on a Mexican super-station that had bumped its wattage beyond the legal US FCC limit, and so he covered an unusually large portion of the country.

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Was the second half of this post inspired by Candace Cameron Bure’s birthday on the 6th, or was that pure coincidence?

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When I was a teenager I kind of stopped liking the people who appeared in these ads.

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HOLY CRAP!!! His show was very popular on AFN (armed forces network radio) during the 70s and 80s. Interesting that he appeared in a selective service commercial!

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