A comprehensive history of "the DJ"


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for anyone who actually is interested in a serious, extensively researched and footnoted history of DJs (starting basically with the invention of radio) well, this is it:




There’s a wonderful article about him in an old book “The Age Of Rock,” probably a reprint from Crawdaddy magazine or one of those rock mags of the '60s. He was a fixture on a Mexican super-station that had bumped its wattage beyond the legal US FCC limit, and so he covered an unusually large portion of the country.



Was the second half of this post inspired by Candace Cameron Bure’s birthday on the 6th, or was that pure coincidence?


When I was a teenager I kind of stopped liking the people who appeared in these ads.


HOLY CRAP!!! His show was very popular on AFN (armed forces network radio) during the 70s and 80s. Interesting that he appeared in a selective service commercial!


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