The only "DJ" cool enough for the title was Wolfman Jack, until now

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On behalf of your copywriter, I am so embarrassed.


"I started out as an opportunistic renegade. By now, I’ve lasted long enough to become sort of an American Original Respectable Renegade".


Clearly you rock the bat mitzvahs like no other.


I grew up playing various instruments in school. I was ok but no super star. That transitioned to bands with with friends in the mid to late 80’s. People payed us money to play at events but no record contracts were offered. In the 90’s I transitioned to making electronic music using software samplers and looping techniques. Early on I recall thinking as I was trying to mash samples from multiple sources into a unified sounding song:

Fuck, it would be a lot easier to just play and record this part from scratch.


You guys cannot be this desperate for money. This is a terrible product for anyone to buy, let alone anyone who wants to actually be a DJ.

Why aren’t you hawking terrible PC based lighting controls with this and really capture both sides of the DJ market?


Whoa, don’t let the DJ 3000 hear you say that. No need to hurt anyone’s feelings over who is “cool” or not.

The second I saw that image I heard an air horn give a double blast. It’s like reverse auditory Pavlovian conditioning.


Hey, have a popsicle. The ice box just broke down, and they’re melting all over the place.


First- DJ Jazzy Jeff

Second- DJ Hi-Tek

They actually have the term in their name (or handle?)
I guess it is a generational or regional thing. For me, if you said to name a “DJ”, I would go with those two, just because of word association, then with Fatboy Slim, Daft Punk, maybe Senbei.

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You don’t know DJ Format?

Get on it!

DJ Shadow

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I do now.

Is that the actual DJ Hi-Tek?

I’ve never seen them without a mask and often wondered if it was really just one person.

Yes, I found an image without it.

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I can’t check now while at work but I thought in the earliest videos where they are just hanging around outside a house. That DJ Hi-Tek was sort a gentle giant body type. The guy in this video is looking shorter and buffier. But could just be my memory failing me.

This image taken on the same stage-

Also on this page:

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