This Day in Blogging History: Backyard control-panels; 3D Printcrime illos; Stross on Mini-PCs


Heheh, Charlie’s notes about mini PCs look so quaint, from the perspective of the smartphone era. :wink:

10 year old link temporarily resurrected by public acclaim. You may now point and mock.

For some slightly less obsolescent prognostication, go here.

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Sadly, the one-year link is not simply defunct – the very domain is for sale. If anyone has a link to an alternate source, I’d be very grateful.

Don’t feel bad, this is what Chris Anderson calls the “peace dividend of the smartphone wars” and we all benefit.

All the components in a smartphone — the sensors, the GPS, the camera, the ARM core processors, the wireless, the memory, the battery — all that stuff, which is being driven by the incredible economies of scale and innovation machines at Apple, Google, and others, is available for a few dollars. They were essentially “unobtainium” 10 years ago. This is stuff that used to be military industrial technology; you can buy it at RadioShack now.

My first real smartphone was a Treo 600. It launched in late 2003 and didn’t make it to the UK until early 2004; I was a bleeding-edge early adopter of smartphones. You’ll note my article dates to May 2003, before I got the memo.

Sure, the smartphone wars didn’t start in earnest until what, maybe 2010?

Oculus Rift and tons of other projects are peace dividends of the smartphone wars, too.

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