A year with Google Glass


Bemused hostility, what a blessed event!


if you wear google glass, you’re uploading biometrics of others to google in real time without their consent. you are a fucking surveillance drone.

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I prefer to call them “Surveillance Morons”.
Drone implies some sort of homogeneity, control and purpose.
I see a future full of pets, handjobs, and fancy food biometric data.


FWIW, MIT students were experimenting with wearable computers MANY years ago, back when the technology was a lot bulkier even without consdiering that these were homebrew rigs, and “bemused hostility” does reflect how others reacted to them even in that community of technology fans. For very similar reasons; people weren’t comfortable with not knowing when the 'borg might or might not be recording.

As far as recording a birth goes: I’d be skeptical about carrying any camera into the delivery room. Both because it isn’t clear that’s memories anyone will want to review, and because if you’re putting any significant amount of attention into recording that’s attention that your spouse would prefer was focused elsewhere.

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I remember seeing some interviews with those guys back in the mid-90s or so, including one who habitually wore underpants wired to adjust the thermostat based on his body temperature. Mostly it just gave me the impression that the Borg were more “socially awkward early-adopters” than “intimidating cyber-zombies.”

Whiny nerd voice: C’mon, guys… assimilate!!

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It’s an engineering school. EVERYONE is a socially awkward early adopter; they just adopt different things and have varying degrees of skill at masking their awkwardness.

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They should make a version without the camera.

True, but an MIT “Borg” is a socially awkward early adopter’s socially awkward early adopter.

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There probably should be a cameraless version, for the same reason that some folks deliberately get cameraless cell phones – there are places and times when you really don’t want a camera present at all, period, end of report.

But the sales stats on phones – and the fact that some companies have been backing down on their “no cameras on site” policy now that cell phone cameras are ubiquitous (and are just making not using them in insecure ways a Condition Of Employment) – suggest that the no-camera version isn’t going to sell very well. Especially if Google does a good job of integrating the camera into the user interface.

Christ, what an asshole.

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