The coming era of Glass


Does ‘punch the glassholes’ count as a new rule of decorum?


what about punching people who call people “glassholes”?


I tried it over the Xmas holiday, and I was thoroughly unimpressed. Yeah yeah yeah, “it has potential” and “it has a long way to go” but I thought it was inherently lame. I will not be an early or even on-time adopter of this one. My smart phone works better at doing what the glass seeks to do better, but fails miserably at, ie, everything.

I think Google is missing out on some great cross promotional opportunities. Some sort of package deal that includes the glasses, a segway, and maybe a fanny pack. They could call it “The Self Important Techno-Douche Trifecta”.

I’ve yet to see anyone wearing Google glass in the wild yet, but when I do I’ll immediately know that the person wearing them is the least interesting person in the room.


Why does everyone hate glass so much? It’s just a tool like any other one.

The Glass’s advantage is pissing off a significant fraction of self-important bores. They are so comical in their impotent rrrrraaaaaage!

The disadvantages are numerous; it’s just a wearable display with all its limits and lack of potential. It is costly. It is not a full-scale augmented reality.

Count me in with CastAR or something equivalent.

Perhaps someday searching for the term Borg Mullet will lead to Glass photos rather than Bjorn Borg…

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It’s a tool, yes, but it’s a lame tool, like a Slap Chop. Not all tools are inherently good, well designed, or particularly useful. Some tools are marketed specifically at suckers, when other existing tools are better suited, more versatile and less expensive.

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My biggest issue with google glass is simply that it looks stupid. Put some lenses in those glasses and they immediately stop looking so insanely dumb. It’s like someone thought: “bluetooth earpieces don’t really make one look like a douche anymore. What else can we do…?”


I thought this thread was called the Corning era of Glass.

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My issue isn’t how it looks, it’s the inevitable whining when the owners are asked to remove their non-prescription lens fashion statement.

Or, worse, when actual poorly-sighted begin to get them embedded.

would “piles of shit” work?

I thought it said “The coming of Ira Glass”.

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it’s a tool that really integrates ostensibly neutral tech into a constant real-time surveillance device. i wish that were hyperbole. i know there are cams everywhere in chicago and london, but this is something that the wearer is personally doing to cause harm to others. it’s not ok.

Lolwut? The reason glass is revolutionary isn’t because of the camera, it’s because it’s a HUD. Do you honestly believe people are excited about glass because they want to “cause harm to others”? If I had a set, I’d probably paint over the camera just so people would stop freaking out and let me be a cyborg in peace.

Yeah, I think the reason people think the latest wearable technologies are weird or unnatural is simply because they’re uncommon and very obvious. Humans love to ridicule those who look different. People who wore glasses or braces used to get made fun with names like, “four eyes”. Now days, it’s a social faux pas to ridicule those who have devices for medical reasons but if they want to improve themselves, like improve their access to information, they’re perfectly acceptable target.

I used to be made fun of for carrying around a PDA in middle school, now everyone has a PDA (smartphone). Eventually, wearable devices that improve our ability to access information will be as common place as glasses and braces and no one will they look bad.

Augmented reality can be a medical device for people with cognitive issues, e.g. impaired recognition of faces. Suppressing wearable AR devices is a discrimination against those.

i don’t know where you’re posting from, but there are support communities near most mid sized cities and google glass is REALLLLLY not popular. i think that you spoke before you checked that out.

i believe that people who are excited about glass have never even considered thinking about the harm to others. covering the camera would be an awesome thing to do but i don’t know that it would actually protect you. there is no such thing as a peaceful cyborg, though. we’ve all read enough PKD to know that.