AJ Jacobs writes about trying all the things you're not supposed to do with Google Glass


Fully present, yet totally isolated. It’s like earbuds that also block your eyes.
I’d like to believe I’d use Google Glass in a sort of Ghost in the Shell sort of way, to add information that’s relevant to whatever I’m doing at the moment. But I’m fairly sure I’d spend half my time in checkout lines and on the bus surfing porn and commenting on BoingBoing.


Ya see? This is the problem with immersive tech like google glass. I’ve read AJ Jacobs, and I know that he knows how to get himself into an out of absurdly overwhelming situations. The rest of us? Not so much.

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you shouldn’t accidentally geotag my facial features. that tech is not neutral.


Google Glass user here. The display doesn’t block your eyes, in fact, it’s up in the very corner of your peripheral vision, so that you have to look up and away to see the screen.

It’s also very difficult to do anything like comment on a website, or even navigate to them, since there’s no keyboard, and you have to make do with a touchpad on the side of your head and voice controls which don’t really seem to care what you’re actually saying.


You are not really selling this product :smile:


“If it’s important, let me know, and I’ll pause.”

One of the funniest things I’ve read in a while.

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I am praying at this point these things cause cancer, and make 100 celebrities wreck their cars. Because otherwise, everybody will have them except me, and nobody will have a conversation ever again.

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Other than the “look at me!” publicity stunt or the “I did it first” bragging right, I’m not sure what the point of this is, other than to prove an incredibly obvious point to a bunch of people that really don’t care, because they’re going to want their technology fix regardless. You kids and your google glasses.

As things stand now, I’m already quite “behind the times” in ways that are pointed out to me daily, and I see that day coming at me quite fast when I’m completely disconnected from society simply by my own inertia.

I realize the irony of saying this while posting to boing boing. I don’t hate the web, but soon I think my life is going to split off from this train path and head towards some kind of a metaphorical cave… if only there was a way to stay connected without staying connected! I guess the answer will be something like very infrequent visits to the computer that’s sitting in that dusty corner of my new cave.


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Don’t worry, Boundegar, I’ll still talk to you.

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I like the photo, never new what glass looked liked, seems Very similar to my decade old Microoptical display
what do you plug it into? vga port?

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