This Day in Blogging History: GA GOP lawmaker reveals Obama mind-control plot; Fire in a taxidermist's; Fix Trusted Computing with Owner Override


Good thing we all have our tinfoil hats, then.

Mm. Hmmm. And Frauenfelder thought the Georgians sounded crazy, at the time.

Gotta love that crack at the end about how they were fooling us all with pretty-sounding names for their evil plots…maybe, names like…uhhh…PRISM??

Just because you own a tin foil hat doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to mess wth your mind.

Don’t make me fetch my sarcasm sign.

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Can’t hear you,my fillings are picking up signals again.

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Every day since Reconstruction, we pay for not letting the South secede.

I think the South needs a full-blown, theocratic, authoritarian regime to just get it out of their system already.

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