This Day in Blogging History: Overly attached undead girlfriend; Propaganda stamps; Clie of 2003


The link to the info about the Clie is broken. I’d like to read some reviews as I’m considering purchasing one of these units.

I actually still have a Sony Clie from that era. The PEG-SJ22. It worked fairly well for taking notes, but I mainly used it as an ereader. It was really good at that. There was a jog wheel on the left side that functioned as a scroll wheel when using an ereader application. My only real issue with it was charging. There was an adapter that plugged into the slot at the bottom. That adapter had a USB connector and a separate power connector. As it got older, I had to wiggle the adapter to get the charging light to go on and eventually it stopped working. It wasn’t until I got a Nexus 4 that I got a device that worked as well for me as an ereader.


Heh, I was just totally messing around, but uh, huh, that actually does sound nice.

Also, for a moment I thought you were Xeni and so I’m still recovering from that. Went from ‘oh my god she said something to me’ to ‘oh.’

For many years I’ve had a internet-crush/squeeze on Xeni. Silliest thing but it actually feels good to just go ahead and SAY IT.

Xeni, if you’re ever in Denver and wanna get coffee with a little weirdo, hit me up :slight_smile:

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