This Day in Blogging History: Super-rich tax-cheats hide $21 trillion; Racist cop uses terror law to seize disabled mixed-race kid; Michael Jackson says "Don't jail pirates!"


I love this feature so much.

Me too, especially because I thought it was today’s news, until I reached “M Jackson says”. And I wasn’t reading BB 10 years ago, so it’s nice to get curated choices from then.

Seems like we ought to have reached the point by now where somebody could have an actual profitable war by invading one of those tax haven countries and seizing the assets.

Heck, they can probably even buy most of the population off with a few million bucks a piece.

Maybe some country who’s former dictator has some money there.

I nominate Greece. I think it had a dictator not long ago.

Along those lines, I often think there must be some audacious and effective, international ‘move’ that could be made by a large enough collection of people.
Like, could you lobby for the creation of a special type of corporation, that is vested with particular legal powers to behave with impunity.

Of course (and it’s not even an argument), this has already occurred but I mean REAL impunity. I mean a velociraptor, trimming the herd.
Any wildlife that’s gotten too large to be self sustaining gets eaten from the inside out whilst it rolls in its death throes, too static and distended to escape.
The good meat will be properly distributed by the natural forces of the market.

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