This Disneyland cookbook is a lot of fun

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I know it’s a vastly different place, but my family and I were both pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food at Disney World. We had the character brunch, and there was this incredible tofu ratatouille-adjacent vegan dish my wife and I couldn’t get enough of. Then dinner was a delicious roasted corn with a spicey tomato and rice side dish and a salad. Far from the junk food we expected. I’d love any of those recipes.

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Does it include their hand-made candy canes?

I was inspired to make some at home after seeing a video they put out a few years back. (Fun and challenging to make, but I don’t really enjoy eating them.)


I don’t think I followed a recipe, but this was definitely inspired by the Monte Cristo served at Disneyland’s Blue Bayou Restaurant.

Ah, seeing it now, just makes me want to break my diet again!

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First, catch your mouse…

… then sautee it in a puddle?

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