Secret Disneyland menu items

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The vegetable tower at Carthay Circle!

So, something most folks don’t know about me: I’ve spent entirely too much time at Disneyland/disneyworld.

How much?

I had a premium pass to both parks for years. For five years, I travelled to SF (from Toronto) every three weeks. For three of those years, I then went SF -> LA and went to Disneyland. Nearly. Every. Visit.

Why? Pins, mostly, but also delicious food. Especially in DCA, but also a few stints at the chef table at Napa Rose.

I had the distinct honour of visiting Club 33 once, and visited Disneyworld several times a year, but especially for the Food & Wine festival.

You absolutely could have a vacation at a disney park that was just about the food. :slight_smile:


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