This Dremel clone is on sale for $30

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The title says $30, the content says $20.

I bought a Dremel clone once, because I didn’t have money for the real thing. It was an absolute mistake. I would have been better off setting my money on fire, because at least then the makers of that crappy tool wouldn’t have profited.

It wasn’t the same clone as this one; this one might be fantastic. But I swore after that time never again.


It really is an insane price for the barebones version ($14.72).
There are hammers or screwdrivers that go for more.
You probably get what you pay for.

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Exactly. If you plan on using a tool a lot, you don’t want to skimp on quality to save a few dollars.


It’s $20… but was much more of a steal last June when BB was hawking it for $13.

It is not too far removed from Dremel in quality… but then Dremel isn’t too terribly concerned with quality. I bought the set because, at $13, the entire set was much cheaper than a dremel flex shaft. Now I’ve a decent shaft that I’ve used about 20 times over the year and a back up tool when the dremel gives out… cuz it will.

Hi-Spec offers a clone that is a few dollars more, but without a flex shaft. The main advantage is it is compatible with most Dremel attachments.

But really, why get a clone. I bought my Dremel 22 years ago and it’s still going. And if it ever needs repair it is easy to get parts.

Anyone know where Dremel is made these days? I don’t see any huge signs claiming Made in the USA so it’s got to be someone else, Mexico? China?

Dremel Haiku

Produced in China
For a German company
Sold in U.S.A.


I bought one of these last time Mark was shilling it and I can confirm it is extremely Dremel. Improperly sized deadbolt cutouts tremble before me. Much rotary. Many tool. Wow.


Dremel is utter garbage. This costs less than a handful of dremel branded bits (purchased only by those who also respond to Nigerian princes). Why invest a big chunk of good money on a rotary tool when it will crap out in a year.

For a disposable tool, this price is right. I’m game.

What are you guys doing with your dremels that they crap out in a year?! Ive had my cordless one 10 years and my corded one 8 and they are both great. (The battery on the cordless one is losing its charge these days but after 10 years I expect that) and I drill holes in rocks and glass and ceramic with mine!

Obvy don’t buy dremel branded bits thats crazy but theres tons of bits and burrs on Amazon or my fave Widget Supply.

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Bought my Dremel Stylus soon after it made its debut (2006) and it’s still just as wonderful to use. Its battery capacity has diminished but since it always roosts in a charging cradle when not being used, I only run into that wall when I’m using it for a long session.

Also, I use and treat it assuming it has the torque of a one-legged mouse (because it does), which furthers its longevity.

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You know, milling cold rolled steel, cutting up large pieces of glass into small pieces of glass, filing my adamantium claws, as you do. Normal rotary tool stuff.

Srsly tho, I use them for carving Jade. My rope driven antique dentist drill does a better job.

I got nothing. I find them impressively hardy! :slight_smile:

It could well be that they’re lasting for you because you bought them that long ago. Might have been before the latest “production cost management” initiative at the company.

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