Great deal on a Dremel compatible rotary tool ($13)

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Mark, you are a doctor of spoonology. And I will snag a few of these for Xmas gifts. Thanks!


And it really gets your fidget spinner up to speed!


Is it safe?

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OK, so it doesn’t have a USB power brick, but color me tempted! A quick search of similar Dremel tools sets their price at 5 to 8 X as much. But Dremel has been a household/watchword /bigbrand for decades. Is it worth it to try a knock-off?

$15 for the same thing w the flexi attachment sounds like a bargain

I haven’t had a Dremel since I was a lad, when it had like 3 attachments, and we liked it that way! Kids these days.

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Of course not. Rotary tools can maim and blind you.


Very nice spoons. And there is definitely a place for cheap rotary tools, especially for those who only use them occasionally.

Great- -! I am buying my partner one, as she is always complaining that her dildo batteries don’t last long enough !.

It looks like the tool (and the case) it came off the same assembly line that made my genuine Dremel. Unfortunately, mine didn’t come with the flexible extension.

Exactly. As much as I love getting a deal, I have to wonder if this isn’t the typical Chinese complete lack of observance of applicable patent etc… law. I’ve taken apart far too many tools that are obviously made on the same line as the “name brand” tools. Hey, when you’re doing that production run for that big western company, just use the same tooling and change the color of the housing plastic, and slap on your own name.

It’s not only “the big guys” who get dinged by this. I’ve known quite a few smaller custom knife makers who get a production line running, only to find the “secondary” market flooded soon thereafter with pretty much identical knock offs (and some very counterfeit-y items where even the packaging is copied to a T).

Yes, it’s perfectly safe. You, on the other hand, might want to wear safety glasses while using it.

Well, the company whose name is on the device is Wen, which is a US company that has been around longer than I have. Some of their products look very much like copies - of Dremel in this case, or Porter Cable for things like their planer, but I assume they are not just illegal knock-offs. Their HQ is spitting distance from Dremel’s, by the way.

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