Good deal on this very inexpensive Dremel compatible rotary tool

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I’ve got one. It works fine, so long as you are not planning to make a living off a rotary tool.


I’ve been agonizing about buying one of these. I can pay the high local price or the low China price and wait. I chose the middle path. Most of these - at least the full kit - come with a flexible drive attachment with a chuck on the end. That’s what I bought and I’m gonna hook it up to my powerful variable speed electric drill and hopefully get the best of both worlds. It should reach the places where my handrill would not be convenient. I hopes.

I hope I’m not stepping too far out of line in saying this, but I’m really curious about what could induce Mark to post about this tool every few months (4/12/19, 8/26/19, 9/27/17, 5/29/17, etc). It must be a story of modern retail intrigue worthy of BoingBoing. I bought one based on one of the earlier posts, it’s about what you’d expect from a $12 to $17 Chinese crapware knockoff of a Dremel. Wear your safety glasses! The shaft on the cutting disc is soft enough that it bent when I was using it, causing the disc to go out of balance and go flying across the room.


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