This electric scooter is the eco-friendly way to travel and it’s got a changeable battery pack 

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My office is 1.5 miles away and if I don’t feel like walking I will often rent a scooter (1 activation and .25/min). Considering a typical trip costs around $3 bucks one-way, then payback on buying my own scooter would take around 6 months.

The Xiaomi m365 (which is likely the model that you rent) is less than $400 at Walmart.

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A regular bike is the eco-friendly way to travel!
Slapping this label on an electric scooter is just a marketing/sales pitch.


I bought a Bird electric scooter a few months ago and I’ve VERY satisfied. It doesn’t fold but I think a folding scooter might be less sturdy. Anyway, it was $350 and I have really enjoyed scooting around my neighborhood in Queens.

That’s why I was so skeptical of bird and lime’s business model. Anyone who would be a repeat customer would quickly realize buying one is the better alternative.

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