The ES2 is both a Segway and a scooter. And handy. And a lot of fun.

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Electric scooters really ARE a lot of fun. I have two which I got on sale for around $300-$400, the Xiaomi M365.

They have a Pro model now but it’s 2× the cost.

They look like a lot of fun. But they’re also the junior version of a motorcycle in terms of their potential for causing injury accidents.

I have an electric scooter, the Glion Dolly. It’s pretty cool. I started walking more, so it gets a lot less use than it used to. But they are fun.

However, just because it’s made by Segway, the one being marketed here isn’t actually like “a Segway,” in that I don’t believe it keeps itself upright using gyroscopes or whatever. It’s just an electric scooter. The ad copy makes it seem like it’s somehow more “Segwayish” than that.


Thank you, NickyG. I was wondering how it could have the balancing features for that price. Me, I love a real Segway because I’ve always had poor balance (and aim and proprioception,etc, it’s called dyspraxia), and it turns me into a virtuoso in motion!

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