Self-balancing unicycle


Now just add some self-juggling clubs and you can be the world’s laziest clown.


If I was Segway I’d buy the shit out this just to bury it cause this is what a Segway should have been.


I’ve seen these in Seattle.

I was half tempted to get one when I first heard about them. I still am…

Looks awfully similar to the Solowheel (though the SBU V3 is not as compact), built by an inventor in Washington State just across the river from Portland, available for $1,995. I wonder which came first.

Ok, it’s cool, but why do we need to keep inventing ways to not walk?


This seems like a perfect storm vehicle for everyone taking any other form of transportation to hate. Car drivers won’t want it with them since it’s too slow, bicycle riders won’t want it in their lane since it’s motorized, and pedestrians won’t want it on the sidewalk. I assume that legally it’s treated like an electric motor assisted bicycle. I am very impressed that it can carry 325 pounds.

If nothing else, they need to get a few of these out on the road, so there will be someone who looks sillier than Segway riders. Maybe throw in a free pair of Crocs with each sale.

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My brother and his eldest daughters can both ride real unicycles. They find this thing appalling.

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Not bad at all, BS! You fit two or three days’ worth of comedy into a single sentence that time.

I’m still sniggering.


See also rynobike. Although, the ryno isn’t for sale yet.

These folks did the electronics design for Inventist’s SoloWheel and are (according to their About page) working with them on other projects as well.

“If the good lord intended us to walk he wouldn’t have invented roller skates.”
-Willy Wonka

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Interesting, I missed that. I guess that explains the similarity, then!

If I ever get one of these, I’m definitely doing a photoset on it while wearing Crocs, suspenders, a Utilikilt, and a fedora, just for the pleasure of watching all the Internet Fashionistas’ heads explode.


'Cause walking is for suckers.

I’m still holding out for someone to find a way to market brachiation. Spiderman-style webshooters, maybe?

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Gaines and Harvey mounted tumblebugs, and kept abreast of the Cadet
Captain, some twenty-five yards behind the leading wave. It had been a
long time since the Chief Engineer had ridden one of these
silly-looking little vehicles, and he felt awkward. A tumblebug does
not give a man dignity, since it is about the size and shape of a
kitchen stool, gyro-stabilized on a single wheel. But it is perfectly
adapted to patrolling the maze of machinery ‘down inside’, since it
can go through an opening the width of a man’s shoulders, is easily
controlled and will stand patiently upright, waiting, should its rider
-Robert Heinlein, “The Roads Must Roll” (1940)


Unicycles will never be cool. I’m not sure about the performance comparison, but I think I much prefer the form factor of the SoloWheel:

I can ride a real unicycle, too. In fact, I used to do mountain unicycling, which is a total blast. I still think this looks like fun. Certainly not a replacement for the pedal-power version, but fun nonetheless.

so basically I can now make a really expensive Gizmoduck costume without having to learn how to ride a unicycle? Choice!

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