If you've been looking to grab an electric longboard this one is on sale for $100 off

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I thought this was about surfboards.

Longboard skateboards and surfboards have a related history in that the longboard skateboard is inspired by surfing.


I saw a surfboard type thing with batteries and I think a jetboat style pump some years back and I wondered if the idea had gone mainstream.

We have electric bicycles so that people can endanger their lives while not having to pedal. I assumed a surfing equivalent would appear at some point.

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For what it’s worth, most ebikes don’t come up to cruising speed very well without pedaling. Climbing hills with the assist then coasting down them at tremendous speed is the real value add to the technology.


I see electric skateboards/monowheels of various types (with or without seats) pretty often in Seattle. Some of the monowheels are pretty cool, actually. Robert Heinlein’s “The Roads Must Roll” wasn’t as dated as people thought, I guess xD.

Some of these you sit on, some you stand, and some you can choose.

Onewheels are actually pretty credibly easy to ride, from my own klutzy experience, and can, for instance, (slowly) ride up and over a curb or hit a chuckhole at speed w/o much risk of damaging you or your ride. They’re probably the single most popular brand of this type of doodad on the road here =).

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