An ingenious gas-powered scooter in a suitcase

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That thing with a rechargeable [usb plug?] battery power for folks today would be happening.


$245 is not really so bad. that’s about $2k today. I think a good quality mini electric motorcycle is easily $2k. ( gas power is less desirable today for a small portable vehicle you can fit in your car’s trunk)
Of course a $150 hoverboard is what most people would probably choose today if price is the primary factor, but having some cargo capacity and a decent range is nice.

My friend’s electric bike startup initially sold his design for $5,495. They were very nice e-bikes, but that’s a lot of dough.


I wonder how it compared to the Centaur, which were better known on this side of the pond.


Or the Honda Motocompo?


This is a scooter:


This is a scooter.

I wonder how this thing did with the recoil.


It did just fine as it was a 75 mm recoilless rifle. Just don’t stand behind it.


For me, it’s the sidecar that makes it.


The Australian crew Mighty Car Mods has a Motocompo and it looks pretty fun!

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I just got a mint 2007 Harley Heritage w/ bags [10k miles] for $4000.00, so it’s a push for me to spend that kind’a cheddar on a electric bike.

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That side car certainly didn’t take into account America’s rising obesity rate…

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Please…oh please tell me that the sidecar was not a baby carrier…(shivers)

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I can find either e-scooters with similar power for $2500 CDN or foldable e-bikes with less power for $2000 CDN. However I’d wager both are more comfortable and reliable than this little guy. Feels like a neat emergency vehicle than something you’d actually use much.

I have a non-electric Brompton, and can only imagine this is going to be pretty awesome (not out in US yet):

Not a “real” scooter, but what the hell:

There used to be a company in London who you could call if you had driven somewhere and then drunk more than you expected- they would send someone out on a folding scooter like this who would put the scooter in the boot of your car and then drive you home in your car.

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As I recall, he was just pulling people’s legs with that one.

I just read the other day how those guys now have to use a private exit at LAX after they got mobbed and the cops had to be called the first time they rocked up.

That’s pretty nuts for internet fame.