This fancy New Orleans public library was once a private mansion

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That’s pretty cool, not sure when i will have the chance to go back to visit the city but if i do i’d be keen to check this library out :slight_smile:


There is a house in New Orleans,
They call the Milton H. Latter Memorial Library…


Your friends really steered you right on that one. Lovely!


It tracks. According to Republicans books are a source of bewitchment and evil :japanese_ogre: :books:


and it’s been the distraction, of many a poor boy,
just one more page, and then, I’m done.


Pretty pictures, but none actually showing shelves of books? Hmm…

Off to the library!

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Maybe it’s my inner communist, but part of stories like this always makes me a little mad. Like, it’s great that the public gets to enjoy that space now, but it makes me so mad that the rich have been and continue to live at a level so far above everyone else. One of those mahogany panels would cost more than my car. This kind of wealth should not exist. It can only be a symptom of a broken society. One of those chandeliers would probably pay for healthcare for a dozen people for their entire lives.


I mean, it might in a country with a sane healthcare system in the first place, but in a country where they charge $630 for a bandaid? I don’t think it would last as long as you think, even if it was solid gold with diamond crystals.

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Glad this property has been put to good use.

Or $900 for two 50mg tablets of painkiller.

The US’s systems be BROKEN, all.


Latter is a 19th century mansion from a previous era of the city; it’s hard to see in modern nola, but there was a brief minute that it was the US’s wealthiest city and the worlds busiest port. Latter has been a public space now for 75 years allowing plenty of kids with no wealth (myself included) access to some really nice reading rooms. I agree completely that the huge wealth disparity is a sign of societal sickness, but I can’t think of a better use for it at this point

My mom worked for nopl (New Orleans Public Libraries) most of my life and this certainly wasn’t our neighborhood branch, but it was my favorite as a kid. In addition to the fancy stuff pictured, it mostly feels just like a library in an old house


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