This floating globe looks stupid

Needs more Death Star.


‘Raleway’, eh? Ooh, wow, I’m straight off to the font shop to get me some of that hot ligature action, I sure am, you betcha. Or not.

Look at the fi in Gill Sans:

That dog-fucker sure knew how to make a distinctive ligature.


I go to Pigott’s for music, and there is a lot of Gill still there. I knew about the incest bit, and the fact he used to wear a smock when working with nothing underneath in case he met someone he knew. But the curious incident with the dog is new to me.

No-one seems to have any actual details about the dog and the dogging. But it is a measure of the man that people think he might have done.

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Weird how the font got more comments here than the actual product. Anyway, I bought one online last year. It was cheap enough (half this price) that I took the risk, though it took more than two months until it arrived.

It’s a neat little desktop toy, with little real use except showing off. Although it is magnetic all the time, it needs power to create the point of equilibrium where the globe will float without either falling or sticking to the magnet. It has a very narrow sweet spot. Expect it to stick to the top of the magnet a lot until you get it right. My biggest challenge was to get it to spin while staying in the sweet spot. When I managed to get it to spin about once per second, it kept spinning for about half an hour until it slowed down so much that it just started bobbing back and forth, another half hour until it had come to a complete rest. I was a little disappointed that there clearly was a little imbalance that made it bob back and forth rather than just slowing down until it stopped, but I don’t know if that was just mine.

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