This floating globe looks stupid


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I wish more advertising was presented so half-heatedly. Doing it like you couldn’t give a fuck is a lost art.


Not only that, it’s ugly too.


Do they have a Death Star one?


What font has an ‘fl’-ligature? As in ‘floating’ in the original article. That globe’s done with magnets. Ligatures? How do they work? That’s just crazy.


BB uses Raleway for their headlines, which does indeed have some unusual ligatures. I love ligatures when they make sense (i.e., “fi”) but “fl” is just showing off.


What’s the point of a floating globe that can’t do this:



Happy 128th birthday, Charlie Chaplin!



Now that’s a man doing one mighty dirty job.



At least the shit he hoists is no longer metaphorical.


“This is dumb. Buy it now.”

rubs eyes

Is that really what I just read?


Wrong movie.


Half that price on Ebay (including postage).


That’s hilarious. I kinda like Mike Rowe (to the extent that one can like someone who is on tv) but I didn’t know he got his start at QVC. Or maybe that was also his end? Or some kind of “new guy” hazing ritual?


Yep, it was his first T.V. gig.

Rowe was fired three times — and “incredibly” rehired each time — before quitting in 1993.

He says he looks back fondly on his years at QVC.

“QVC was absolutely my big break,” Rowe says. "My whole career was based on a bet. I’ll take credit for whatever I can get, but honestly, I got lucky. And I’ve been in TV ever since.


Tip of the hat to the editor who retitled Stacksocial’s advertising guff, though…


As for me, it makes me think of the MJ12’s headquarters in Deus Ex.