This guy does the severed thumb trick better than anyone


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I thought Stan Laurel did a pretty good job of this. Don’t suppose you could find a video? I had no luck.

This guy does indeed to an even better performance. The last pinkie remove really looks good.


If this wasn’t Boingboing, I’d have expected gore after that headline.


Indeed that final move was amazing. I went back to watch it a couple of time. I guess that the speed of the hand can defeat the eye. :open_mouth:


On my first watch I thought the last bit was a video edit trick! I had to pause and watch to see that he really did it himself! Incredible!


I had a friend who had fallen under a tractor-pulled lawnmower as a small child. He didn’t have all the bits on his hands that he was born with. On one of his hands he only had his index finger up as far as the first knuckle. He did a great version of that trick.

He could also tickle the palm of your hand with the stump of his finger while shaking hands, which was disconcerting to say the least.


Penn was explaining in a recent BoingBoing link that one of the big secrets of magic was to do something by a way that was so laborious and difficult and painful that the ordinary onlooker would never consider it as a way of doing the trick.

How did he do this? I don’t want to know. I DON’T I DON’T LALALALA CANT HEAR YOU LALALA.


For those in the need for the last part, < and > keys (, and .) to single frame step…


Thank you, I seriously thought it was video tricks. But that guy has lightning speed and he uses the lighting to amazing effect.


Totally thought so myself. It’s that lighter color/contrast of the inside of his finger that stands out that does it for me.


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