Staple though finger prank


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I hate pranks, but this one? This one was alright.


Just wait until he really gets a nail through his hand. Tyler is going to just laugh and walk away…


He may be helpful but I’m pretty sure he’s slow too.


Link to the person who made the video rather than the person who felt they should repost it on YouTube as their own.


the best part, and the part the makes the prank, is how he pulls his finger away to point at where the other guy should cut…not once, but several times. that single small action takes this prank from a 3 to a 9 and makes it so much more fun.


It’s always fun seeing just how much people won’t notice once you’ve given them a task to do. I’ll do the same thing in handcuff escape magic tricks… get the spectator to cover up the cuffed hands with a cloth, then immediately bring an uncuffed hand out to “correct” the coverage before putting it back under the cloth like the trick hasn’t begun yet. 9 times out of 10, the person who placed the cloth won’t have any idea why everyone around them is laughing…



At the second time, you can see exactly how he does it…


Maybe he was concentrating on finding the gorilla


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