Why magicians should never snap their fingers as part of a trick


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It also sets off the “smoke from your finger tips” gel, so you have to make sure you want that effect.


My nanny used to do it and it worked just fine.


Yes. But you know she was way off base as far as her advice on how to help medicine go down. A spoonful of sugar? No way. Send her back to nanny school.


The spoonful of sugar should be doused in bourbon. Then it works fine.


That’s from bartending school; no argument.




In fact forget the sugar. And the medicine.



west side story: THE JETS


I had an issue with this until I actually read the article. The good point he makes there isn’t in any of the quotes here on Boing Boing!

I was about to post my objections when I thought “I should probably RTFA!” just in case…


Why, but if you snap a finger then it just dangles painfully, and you can’t handle cards.

Not a good idea.


Snapping just irritates me.


It irritated me too. Until one day…



I never understood the concept of snapping fingers instead of clapping to avoid “triggering”. At least as many people are going to be triggered by snapping.


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