Magician flubs trick, impales spectator's hand on spike


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Just reading your description made my stomach flutter, so I’ll pass on the video.

(Thinks about it and shudders again.)

Yep. I’m still passing on that video.

Magician flubs trick, impales spectator's hand on spike
"Ta dah!"


Not watching.

Seems like Russian Roulette, but with tetanus.


Magician flubs trick, impales spectator’s hand on spike

Wait, so is it the magician or the spectator that got hurt? The title says one thing, the article another (and I am not watching that video).


Well, it is a magic trick, so there is supposed to be a trick to it. Like none of the spikes are standing up until the magician reaches into the final bag. So someone fucked up.


*lmao @ all the responses and the unanimous ‘Im not clicking that’ reactions (myself included) thus far.


At least they skipped the endlessly repeating gif preview.


Silver linings.



As long as we don’t watch it, the hand is simultaneously in an impaled and unimpaled state.


A buddy of mine does this trick more or almost daily as a part of his core routine. He was saying that the precautions for doing it safely are incredibly simple and that this idiot just cut corners


Understood only one word that was spoken, and it was “przepraszam” (I’m sorry!).






No, no, that was “priapism”… :-/


“And how did you burn your other ear?”

“Well, the phone rang again.”


It didn’t take a lot of practice to nail this one.


The trick is …


Well, after watching the video, you’re right about the Russian part.

ETA: I guess it’s actually Polish that they’re speaking. They sound similar to me I guess.


I felt compelled to watch this so other would not have to. The magician decided to be a complete doofus and slam the TV presenters hand down on one of the paper bags.

And I mean doofus. He was doing the whole trick so quickly there was no build, no art, no suspense. No wonder he fucked it up.

Also, today I learn the Polish word for “ouch,” is “owaa!”