This ingenious parking sensor can give even old cars and trucks new rear camera technology

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My Uncle’s station wagon had curb feelers. I admired the auditory feedback proximity warning system.


That ain’t keeping the Country Squire from backing into the Corolla, tho… :slight_smile:

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For that price, you can get any of several different actual backup cameras, complete with dedicated monitor.

Downside is that, generally, both camera and monitor must be wired to 12v. power. The video link from camera to monitor is wireless, but the power isn’t.

I have a backup camera that is solar powered, built into a license plate frame. Cost not much more than this with 12v HD monitor.

Ultrasonic sensors are supposed to mount on the bumpers not the top of the license plate.


Around 1975 I bought a JC Whitney item for maybe twelve bucks. a multipane rearview mirror that clipped over the windshield mirror and gave about a 200 degree vista. Blind-spots-be-gone! I never backed into anything unintentionally and nobody snuck up on me.


Back up cameras are fun, and I’ve rally enjoyed the ones where the guide lines curve when you turn the steering wheel, but I honestly don’t understand why people can’t just turn their heads and use their side view mirrors when backing up? I’ve been driving all manner of vehicles over the past 40 years (including vintage British double-decker buses), and I’ve never backed into anything I didn’t intend to, and I don’t even consider myself a more then average driver. Are modern drivers that badly trained, or am I just really missing something about everyone using back up cameras? I realize I sound like an old man yelling at everyone to stop backing up on my lawn, but I’m seriously asking if having a back up camera is really an advantage over simply learning to drive with caution?


Yes, for less than $65 I bought backup camera for my car. I bought a screen, camera, and wiring. Installed and hardwired myself. My car came with the beeping system, but the camera is a big improvement.

Found an ultrasonic backup sensor at a yard sale maybe 30 years ago but never installed it. Never used any backup camera in cars I’ve driven, as I’d rather use my eyes (OK, boomer!). I’d rather they mandate dash cameras than backup cameras, anyway. I use this one.

That’s what the kids in the back seats are for! “Gimme a holler if it looks I’ll hit 'em.”

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In New Jersey it is illegal to obscure the license plate with the sensor as shown in the video.

Personally, the backup camera comes in handy the most when I’m parallel parking in a tight spot - just to make sure I’m good.
On my wife’s car, I use it a bit more when I drive it because visibility is kinda crappy behind your head…

Because that doesn’t actually show you what’s behind your car.

I can back up with mirrors alone, but it doesn’t show you what’s directly behind the vehicle, just what is on the sides. For all you know there’s a herd of nuns and orphans behind your car or van.

As you’re pivoting a vehicle forward to prepare to a back into a parking space you spot the space to make sure it’s clear for you back straight into it because you won’t be able to see directly behind you with your side mirrors once you are lined up to back in the space. As you actually back in you have to assume nothing’s changed as you back in. And many modern vehicles that do have rear view windows have very high back windows and trunks that prevent you from seeing what’s behind you if it’s even remotely close to you.

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