This wireless solar-powered backup camera is effective and easy to install

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In case my primary camera fails?

OTOH I have a reversing camera on my car.

(Two nations divided by a common language.)

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Great idea…take your eyes off driving and focus on your cell phone while backing up. What could go wrong?

I suspect many of these add-on crap-gadgets may be less than perfectly useful, but my last car (Volvo) had an in- built dashboard reversing camera that dynamically projected the lines the wheels would take, on to an illuminated rear view of the area you were reversing into. I would check what it was telling me from time to time when trying to get into an especially awkward spot, before reversing. It was also useful at night when trying to reverse in an especially dark area. Also, if you have no rear window (many vans) o it is blocked (fully loaded) then looking at a camera is no different to using side mirrors.

Indeed, the view behind me provided by the Volvo’s camera was superior to that I could see in my rear-view mirror, the camera being lower down and giving a wider-angle view.

Yes, I agree that turning round and actually looking where you are going is in many cases the sensible option, but it is not always the best option, or even an available option. I was a tad skeptical before I had one, but using it changed my mind immediately. Have you used one?


:thinking: So if someone steals my soul by taking a photograph of me, your camera will give it back?


No, but I can show you it as a negative. :wink:

(But it doesn’t take photographs - it’s a video camera. Goodness knows what one of those does to your soul!)

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Solar power? But I park in a garage.

Also, if only motor vehicles provided access points to low-voltage power somehow.


If I am going to permanently mount a device to my car, is it really such a hardship to run some wires as well? Wireless everything is turning into electromagnetic duck tape. Yeesh! Unplug from the internet of crap once in a while!

Do you really need a backup camera on an MG TC? It’s not a very big car. Just look over your shoulder.

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I have had for 3 years a Costco ‘Type R’ version which cost $100 and includes a 1080p monitor so the cell phone was not involved. The license plate frame looks exactly the same. The frame blocks the state name with the camera which is surely illegal, so the cops have an excuse to pull me over if they don’t notice I am white. The frame mounting hardware causes the bottom to stick out as if someone bent the license plate up. I somewhat fixed it with washer spacers on top and some metal bending but it is not a well thought out design. Has been reliable though and kept my 16 year old car up to date.

Took me a few years to like it. I found it distracting a first. And I tried to use it and it alone. Now I just glance at it when it give the best view. I doubt the recommended procedure is to use it continuously; maybe I should look that up.

I’m thinking I want one of these on the back of my boat trailer. I’m OK backing up a trailer, at least once I’ve done a bit of parking lot practice in the spring. I expect it might make trailer backup easier.

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