6 next-gen dash cams that do more than just record

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What, no camera that automatically detects choice bits of video, then sends it back to the company so that it can monitize it on YouTube?


Hidden feature.


I’d like one, but running wires and where to connect the power is stopping me from doing this

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I’ve got two of those cheapo cams listed at the top of the post. The work pretty well, but the batteries are garbage - they have to be plugged in all the time. Night video is much better than I expected, so they’ve got that goin’ for 'em.


There are adapter kits that turn one of your car’s fuses into two fuse sockets; you pick an appropriate circuit (not overloaded already; does/does not turn off when the key is removed, etc.) and simply add the dash cam to that circuit. No cutting or splicing required - though when I installed mine I found that the cover of the fuse box no longer fits snug; it popped open a couple of times at first until I figured out how to rearrange things to fit better.

As for running the wires - I poked mine into the crease between the windshield and the seam of the headliner, and then into the seam around the door. It’s nearly invisible.

Edited to add: the adapter kit I linked to is the one I bought two years ago; it’s worked just fine for me, but better options may have come on the market since. To be honest, I bought it 'cause it was twelve bucks instead of fifty; fortunately, it’s proved to be cheap AND cheerful.


This is always my problem, not the supposed features of the cameras. The wires can never be mitigated enough to be completely out of the way. I went to the auto show this year, and I salivated at the few companies that had USB ports up near the visors/rear view mirror. No way I’m buying a brand new car just for a USB port though.


I was surprised at the price of some of these. For some tech they seem very cheap. Capitalism, I guess, eh?


I dash-cammed-up several years ago. I’m actually just trying to get video of a vehicular Sasquatch.


Many cars these days the option for a mirror with built in garage door openers and auto dimming and such (or you may already have one installed). Even if your mirror doesn’t have those features, chances are the wiring is already there and can be cleanly tapped into. You just need a 12V to 5V adapter since most of these cameras run on 5V.


I bought a previous cheapie dashcam from boingboing. It needs to be plugged in always, only takes good video in daylight, and the mount just disintegrated.
I’d say the brand, but it has none, and all the instructions are in Chinese.
Bottom line, sometimes you get what you pay for.


I want a small/light one I can wear (no screen needed) so I can record all the morons who take turns at full speed while I am trying to cross right in the crosswalk with the light (they are either looking at their phones and/or stoned)

police bodycams are designed to purposely limit field of vision and light sensitivity to simulate what a cop would pretend to (not) see, I want the opposite of that, everything in vivid detail as wide scope of view as possible


Your phone with a fish-eye lens sticking out the top of your shirt pocket? :thinking:

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You’d think one of them would just build the damn camera into the car. And now that back-up cameras are mandatory, make those recordable as well.

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The C7 corvette has a performance data recorder that includes a dash cam, and it can be activated in Valet Mode. Which might be illegal in your state, so be careful.

TIL back-up cameras are now mandatory.

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