This is the first observed object from outside our solar system


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I think you’re going to take some flak on that title, Mark!


“That’s no asteroid… it’s a spaceship!”


Is it too late to name it Mr. Hankey?


It’s a space poop, for sure.


Like what? I’m not aware of any earlier ones. Star of Bethlehem maybe?


Here’s hoping for a third party candidate that can deliver!


We can observe plenty of stars and galaxies…


Yes, but can you draw seven red lines, all perpendicular?


Well, the astronomical johnnies seem to argue a lot about whether various solar system objects originated here or were captured on a flyby. There are some that think Luna and Phobos are captured extrasolar asteroids, for example.

But personally, I have observed the stars Alioth, Mizar and Phecda. They are objects, and they’re from outside our solar system.


Pretty damn cool.


Only when I visit my cousins in seven-dimensional space, and as long as the lines are also invisible. :smile:



Yes, but there’s that pesky word “from.” You may have noticed that those stars are still outside the solar system, and will always remain outside the solar system. “From” implies a motion toward the speaker.



I was never unhappy!


Good read on this possibility, including some actual astronomers who are debating it with colleagues:

(spoiler: it’s probably not an alien)







It’ll activate after the spin pass through Sol’s outer photosphere.