This is the most photographed abandoned car on Route 66

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So not so much an abandoned car as it is a deliberately placed car. Isn’t there anything real anymore?


I’ve heard that waiting for the AAA guy might take a while, but this is ridiculous.


Is it really more photographed than the cars in Cadillac Ranch?

Certainly there’s been more opportunity to photograph the Cadillacs. They’ve been on display since 1974. The Atlas Obscura article says that the Studebaker was only placed there in 2006. And the claim that it is probably the most photographed abandoned car is attributed to an unnamed “abandoned car enthusiast” so it sounds like there’s not necessarily a lot of data to back up that claim.


Was wondering the same thing. There was a huge line the one time I was there.

In there a rusted hook stuck in the door?


Duck Dynasty GIF by DefyTV

well, at least we still have this guy:

Santa Claus Christmas GIF by US National Archives

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Not even the headlines, eh? :frowning_face:

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