This is what a Facebook election security charm offensive looks like


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This is what a Facebook BULL SHIT election security charm offensive looks like.




I saw video of the “war room” this morning on msnbc.

It looked pathetic.


Grimacing at “war room” is the right reaction, but FYI this is pretty standard business lingo. I have been in many “war rooms”.

Few rise to the level of “kinda neat”, let alone warlike.


That’s a fair point, though I hasten to add this is how you spell


Yeah, same. And… we don’t exactly go around with press releases of what kinds of patterns are actively being thwarted. There’s a reason why the Hamilton Project won’t describe in detail the keyword or account heuristics they use for botnet identification.

Not that I give Facebook any credit in wanting to stop this attack, given their financing. But this seems like specious logic.


Trust us.

We’re Facebook.


The press briefing provided minimal new information…

But of course. That is always the point.


Not that hard to find the first poster


I bet their datacenter operations rooms look far more impressive than this “war room” (:face_vomiting:)…


They allowed the “Enemies of the People” in to the “War Room”? But that means they’ll be able to see the big map!


This is clearly a set from Syfy’s next monster movie.

  • Diverse cast, with concerned, but on task look.
  • Clocks for several Timezones.
  • Monitors that no one looks at.
  • Open office design, with signage.

I can’t wait to learn what actor from a show I liked is in this movie.


Yet they are still pushing me links to “Brits will be Furious when they find what will happen to the Pound”, “Financial experts agree Europe will break up within then years”, and stuff like that. They still have contracts to fulfill for their actual masters.

Not deleting it, though. It’s handy for tracking what my family and friends do. I don’t look at these horrible links. I pick up a copy of the Evening Standard for the sudoku and crossword on the coach home, but I wouldn’t read any of their horrible articles. There may be dog poo on the path, but you can step around it.


let us now reflect on what cable tv did…


Not to quibble, but I think Geo. C. Scott’s line there was “They’ll be able to see the BIG BOARD!” IIRC.


Your quibble is correct; I was just worried that using the actual line might have clouded the issue :smiley: Gen. ‘Buck’ Turgidson is such a wonderful role for George C Scott. It really gives rein to his delightfully expressive face.






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