This is what cows look like when you blow dry them


Just don’t tease them


They don’t look real happy about it.

Well, at least one of them isn’t a girl.


Apparently cow detailing (or whatever it’s called) is a thing. When the guy who bought my uncle’s farm was retiring and selling off his herd of Herefords, he hired a company who produced a glossy full-colour brochure and cleaned and spiffed up the animals prior to the auction. I don’t know if they blow-dried them but, like YouTube wedding announcements, this sort of trend tends to escalate. I expect to see cows sprinkled with glitter any day now.


Sounds like a Cownicorn?

Dems some sassy cows

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For some reason my cat is staring at that photo, face two inches from the screen.


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it’s cute. makes me want to eat them slightly less.

Good eye. And ale please.

I assumed that they were some sort of heritage breed like those emo Scottish Highland ones…

But no. Here’s a story about it (including a video of the process).culture: the word on cheese

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