This farm animal sanctuary's rotating cow brush is a huge hit


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Cow Buffing is now a thing.


Aww the big brush is called HAPPYCOW I love it more than anything I want 20


I know a dog who would like one of those.


Me too, and I know some cats who look exactly like that when someone’s hand is available to scratch their heads and neck. I wonder what they’d think of a scaled-down version of this.


A buffed bovine is a happy cow!


Yeah, the farm next door has something like that. It’s more of a brush wheel than a brush cylinder, but the cows are loving it.


i was just thinking that i want one of these, cat-sized for our cats. they would never leave it.


Next up, glory holes for the bulls.


Now someone needs to setup a live stream of a cow brush and let the internet bask in the glow of happy cows.


I clicked that first link expecting to go to Amazon. Dangit.


Those things look like they were from an old car wash.


They probably are.


Cows? Dogs and cats? I want one for myself!!!


Videos like this make me glad I only eat meat once a month or so.


looks suspiciously like a high speed shawarma spit…


I think I’ll have the soup today!


Ya beat me to it. cow, dog, cat nothin! I want one!!!


what… what’s… what is a dairy bull?


Quick to the kickstarter!