This line from a Rage in the Machine song sounds like something funny in Japanese

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Now I wonder what “F*ck you, I won’t do what you tell me” sounds like to Japanese ears.


Probably about as eye-rollingly puerile as it’s always sounded to American ears.

the kind with proper sticky earwax like it’s supposed to be

Probably that it’s something that would make a cute kid’s t-shirt design.


‘Those who died…’ HAHAHAHA

I suppose it would have been worse after ‘were justified…’ HAHAHA

Whatev…keep snappin them chicken clumps, Pops.

Lived with a Japanese guy for 4 years. He actually had a book that taught English pronunciation like this.

“Gourd is for dinner” (yuuhan wa canpyou da), spoken fast sounds like “You have a computer”.

Most of them were kind of a stretch, but not any worse than this video.


Sometimes I hear people comment about childhood years and how they sure wouldn’t want to have to endure those times again. I remember some rollercoaster mood swings but I also remember times of being just as brainless and clueless as the silly little mutants in the video. Long live childhood and goofy kids. I’d go back for absolutely uninhibited fun like this. They’re great!


Get off your lawn?

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This is from the wonderful and very long running (over 30 years!) variety show Tamori Club on Japan’s TV Asahi, and its one segment “Soramimi Hour”. Each episode, Tamori and illustrator/musician/continually giggling sidekick Hajime Anzai play three or four musical “soramimi”–foreign lyrics that sound like Japanese phrases–along with appropriate video skits, then cut back to the studio where Anzai cracks up and Tamori compares the real lyric with what they heard. Suggestions for lyrics come from the viewers, and the winners get a t-shirt.

When I lived there it was one of my favorite things on TV. I still mishear Kraftwerk’s “I need a rendezvous” for “ari naranderu” (ants walking in a circle).

There’s loads of clips if you search for the show title in Japanese.


I went out with my japanese-speaking buddies once, our group was thanked leaving the restaurant and afterward they were goofing, saying “thirty-nine!” to each other. they explained to me that learning to say “thank you” in english is most easily taught as saying “39”–san kyu–in japanese, particularly for beginners since there’s no “th” sound in japanese.

fairly common knowledge in some circles, but still kinda neat.


I can understand that, but for some of us, being a kid/teen was a very painful experience. I personally wouldn’t want to go back, and not because I was a dumb kid, but more because others were assholes and dumb kids! :wink:

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