This new oral history of the song "Barbie Girl" is strangely fascinating

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This part (of the summary) really made me smile. “After Mattel filed suit, Mattel and MCA employees traded barbs in the press.”

ETA the link from which the quote came.


That’s the best legal advice I’ve seen in a long time.

(I looked for an appropriate gif, but I am not satisfied with what the internet suggest.)

Thanks, @thomdunn, I’ll read that interview later.


I like how there’s attempted intellect and texture to the backstory for a song that honest to god is one of the worst tunes ever. I think back to all the bar-stars with a drink in one hand, making circles above their heads with the other, going “Wooooo… it’s my song!”.

I hope it made them a pile of money to retire on (as in, go away).

The judge in the lawsuit ultimately ruled that, “The parties are advised to chill.”

Argued and Submitted December 5, 2000.
Filed July 24, 2002.

3 judges took 18 months to write those 10-11 “chill” pages? It’s a good life.

a) they will have heard numerous others cases and written other judgements in the intervening period; and

b) the more pointless the appeal, the more time and care is needed in dismissing it.


This song is much, much better:


Those are just the UK No. 1s.

If the UK is too piddly and parochial a market, they also had a Billboard No. 23 with

Personally I’ve always quite liked

which admittedly only made it to No. 18 in the UK.

ETA apart from the gratuitous bad rapping


Calm Down Chill Out GIF by Justin

This one work for you? It works for me

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I’ve generally found, that when an article talks about a band being a “one hit wonder” they’re talking about the US. And they still get it wrong more often than not, as they never define what “hit” means, other than “Hey I remember that one!!”

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