This not a painting. These are real trees.

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They’re both wonderful photos. Interesting to see the slight differences in the trees between the two captures.


Oooh, oooh I’ve been to Deadvlei - and it is even more amazing than the photos.

You have to get up crazy early in the morning to reach the dune field before the Sun rises and then trek over a kilometre or two of super soft sand to get into the lei itself. It is freezing cold and then the sand in front of you begins to turn orange. Within a few minutes the whole dune in front of you is ablaze - and then the Sun crests the dunes and the colours wash out. Absolutely one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Here’s one I took at almost the same spot:

Namibia is well off the beaten track, but well worth the journey to an incredible country.


Good chance for Bob ‘Happy Trees’ fans to go to a darker place and/or practice compositing with the ‘Fully Converted’ grain silos in their edge AI tools.


But apparently some people say it looks more like white and gold.


I believe this was one of the locations used in the film “The Cell” (2000) starring Jennifer Lopez. The director, Tarsem Singh, likes striking locations, and used even more in his film “The Fall”. Sad to say, the storyline for “the Fall” was not sufficient to hold the film together. Great locations, though.

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