Enormous tree unimpressed by truck


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What’s that odd wibbling in the (thankfully-landscape) video frame? It is especially noticeable right at the beginning.


@beschizza Your framing of this was much better than the source’s. Thank you.


This would totally have fooled me if I wasn’t watching it on a 24" monitor (where it’s quite obvious that the rope isn’t around the big tree).


Hold my Diet Pepsi and watch this.


@beschizza you got me! Damn your eyes!


Watching it on my phone, totally worked on me. That got an audible snort.


Animated gif is not animated. The internet is stunned.


I believe that’s caused by hand movements being countered by pre(and/or post)-processing image stabilisation.

Could also be some rolling shutter effect, but as there’s little to no real movement I’d put it down to image stabilisation.


I honestly laughed. Well played.


I do believe I’ve been Rimu-rolled.


Darn you Sir!
Made me look.


Totally worth watching.


Glad I’m not the only one who’s sick of stoopid pickup truck ads (and stupider stunt videos). Well played!


Does anyone grow Rimu anywhere else other than New Zealand?


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