Video stabilization artifacts turn this car's windshield into jelly


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Pretty sure that is Disney testing out the new Rodger Rabbit “Toon Town Taxi” ride.


And I thought my Miata had a soft chassis.


Am I the only one who doesn’t see anything wrong with the video? Whatever this effect is, I don’t see it.


It’s not the windshield that’s turning to jelly – it’s the frame around the windshield that jiggles. You won’t see it if you are focused on the view through the windshield itself.


It is subtle, look at the windshield frame… it took a second viewing for me.
ETA what @igloo said


I used to be in the film restoration industry and stabilizing film was always a bitch. It wasn’t difficult, since the computer did most of the job, but if you weren’t careful stuff like that would happen.


that goes back to early shutter builds actually


If you hadn’t commented, I wouldn’t have seen it. Looks like Youtube to me.


The animated gif capture is a little more obvious.


This is all caused by rolling shutters, instead of global shutters. You can actually get this effect with still photographs, too.

My first real digital camera was a D70, which had a global shutter. (It also had insanely high flash sync. What it didn’t do was any kind of video, and “only” 6 megapixels of resolution.) Last year, I upgraded to a new camera that is better in almost every way…

I can’t wait until they invent the global shutter again; I’ve heard it’s the latest new thing and I won’t have to worry about this kind of thing happening anymore. (Like I didn’t have to for the 10 years before I upgraded.)


Tom Scott has a nice video about this on youtube, though onscreen titles like “Stabilisation: Adobe Warp Stabilizer” suggest an inability to stabilize the ‘z’.


The D70 used a CCD; the D90 used CMOS. CMOS sensors are less noisy, and that’s why they’ve been used in cameras since.

lf you have a fancy medium format camera, the lenses use leaf shutters which can sync to flash at much higher speeds.


Needs tassels and burlesque music.


Autocross is so much fun.

US amateur rallycross is more so.


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