4K live stream


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Dog love ya’, Rob, that’s a whopper of a dad joke.


I was half expecting a Rickroll. But this is just as good.


I usually have a live train cab stream from norway or japan whilst out in the workshop doing repetitive tasks. Today I am going to stop the train video when it crosses a stream and stream this stream video until I decide to hop back on the train.


Trees are remarkably motionless. Loop?


I’m going outside.


No. It’s just that trees grow at a rate that’s undetectable to most humans.


That’s what Sollozzo said.
And we all know how that dinner went.


It’s the new rick roll.


@beschizza, do you still like black magic stuff?


Now I have to pee.


mind where you do plz



Yes. I am very interested in that camera and might be selling my a6500 to get it.


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