Bodycam footage of a gentle stroll around a quiet English forest

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Need at least an RTX to go on this walk


Today I Learned:

Definition of leat

dialectal, England

: an artificial water trench especially leading to or from a mill


Watching this and wondering … do I walk too fast? Because this video is excruciatingly slow. Or is it? Am I in too much of a hurry? Am I missing a key element?

Maybe I’m not doing walks properly. Isn’t that funny, you do something everyone does but yet you wonder if you’ve been doing it wrong all this time? Do I slow my gait to enhance the appreciation of my surroundings? Not rush from place to place.

Even along a nice trail, devoid of other people and burdens of life, and I’m uneasy.


The fractal seed of a thousand game design Ph.D.s


He’s probably walking that slow to avoid extreme levels of shaky cam.

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I don’t really want the dog in the 2nd video. I want to put the dog from the 2nd video into the first video. YouTube’s outdated control panel doesn’t allow for this as far as I can tell.

Maybe I can’t find the right checkbox, I’m not claiming to be an expert.

You need to learn to stroll.
If you want to enjoy it more, dawdle.

Nah, there’s too much to see up ahead to dawdle too much. This looks like a perfect spot for a little jog.

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And the camera gives the effect of ‘step, pause, step, pause, step, pause’ - it is really jerky. I think this is in part because the cameraperson is deliberately walking slower than their normal pace. Or possibly taking longer strides than usual and also doing them slower.

I tried it at 1.5 and 2x speed but that made the jerkiness so bad it was unwatchable.


I take the “it’ll still be there” approach when I am dawdling.

Or this perhaps… It really does work!!!

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Bodycam footage

Uh oh…

of a gentle stroll around a quiet English forest



I’m the exact same way. Walking slow is such a drag.

In my case, I’m certain it’s my ADHD. Unless there’s an interesting task to engage my brain as part of the walk (like looking for specific wildlife, or interesting conversation with a companion), a leisurely stroll is just not much fun.

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He didn’t really take a walk IN the woods, he took a walk THROUGH the woods. There is a difference.

Have you seen Midsomer Murders? One should be able to find several corpses and a couple cheating on their spouses during a gentle stroll in a quiet English forest.


Yes, but there’s also the likelihood of stumbling across detectives from Endeavour, Inspector Morse, Lewis, and maybe even Doctor Who (because, of course, there’s often a mystery)!


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