Squirrel-cam footage


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Note that after 10pm the footage gets a little blue.


This gives me the impression that I would be the least agile squirrel ever and probably wind up as dinner for the cats.
I can’t mentally follow it at speed, much less physically.

It must be some kind of squirrel meth.


As we speak, the squirrel is in court claiming ownership of the video.


Not if Mr. Frei got the model with the ‘Smart Remote’.

/ He’s the best dad evar! - already highlighted here.


Nose cam! How is it that there isn’t a squirrel platformer? Maybe humans wouldn’t be able to keep up.


The Goat Simulator team have a pitch for a sequel here, for sure.


Cats are jerks


Good god, is there anything Gibson hasn’t predicted?

Leon was running some kind of weird jungle fuck tape phased you in and out of these different kinda animals, lotta crazed arboreal action up in the trees, which Bobby found a little disorienting. He was hungry enough now to feel a little spaced, or maybe it was afterburn from whatever it was had happened to him before, but he was starting to have a hard time concentrating, and his thoughts drifted in odd directions. Like who, for instance, had climbed up into those trees full of snakes and wired a pair of those rat things for SimStim?

The Gothicks were into it, whoever. They were thrashing and stomping and generally into major tree-rat identification. Leon’s new hit tape, Bobby decided.


omg, seeing the squirrel’s little nose huffing and puffing along as it zipped through the trees… ADORABLE.


Finally, something worth watching.


Norwegians have slow TV, North Americans have squirrel cams. Seems about right.


You know who’s gonna be the biggest fan of this…

Yeah, I know. I’ll see myself out.

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