Watch: Squirrel steals bread-encrusted GoPro, carries it up a tree, drops it


Steals? That was entrapment!


Totally worth it.

they’re so much cuter when you’re at eye-level with them. I never realized.

also, that institutional architecture is the exact same as what my university used, but that ain’t my university.

That’s nuts.

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“I attached a piece of bread to my GoPro” just sounds so much less… artisanal than “I bread-encrusted my GoPro”.


After that long discussion around the monkey who took a selfie, all I could think about this video was… so, who has the copyright?


O NOEZ! You went there!

You ever met the red squirrels in St James park in London? The fuckers are the size of badgers and will hassle you constantly if you have chocolate.

Even a squirrel knows not to take video in portrait mode.


Huh? Red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris) in central London? And reds are generally much smaller than greys (Sciurus carolinensis).


Not when they live in the Queen’s nearest park and live off chocolate they’re not. The buggers are massive.

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