Squirrel transports pizza slice to parallel dimension




dude, it’s a chipmunk. dude.


I don’t get it.


Came here to say the same thing. I am not getting the commentary attached to the video at all.


Wish I had cheek pouches.


Teenage mutant ninja squirrel?


Rob’s from the UK so he might not know about chipmunks. Let’s enlighten him: chipmunks are cute and gaily colored, while squirrels are ugly drab behemoths. Viz.


I mean, not that I need a good reason to watch a chipmunk eating a pizza, I just don’t get the joke if there is one.


There’s not one word in the post headline that actually describes that video.


Please do not feed wild animals. It seems harmless and cute, but it can really harm them.


Well, there’s “pizza slice” … that’s it, though.


Pizza without any sort of topping is just bread.


In the UK, they have red squirrels (very cute), and around here in the Maritime Provinces, we have American Red Squirrels (also very cute).

Where I lived before, I used to enjoy the local squirrel burrow through the snow powder (à la Bugs Bunny, post Albuquerque) looking for maple keys. I’m so sorry I didn’t own a video camera then.


it’s a reference to the amount it’s crammed into its cheek pouches, but I admit it was not immediately clear to me, either.


Must be a slow news day up there in BoingBoing Towers.


Chipmunks are ground squirrels. Same family (Sciuridae) as tree squirrels, flying squirrels, marmots and prairie dogs.

Little bastards need to leave my tomatoes alone.


I’ve been wondering what you get when you grind squirrels.


Sausages are ground squirrels.



Mmm…Gourmet sausages…

Normal mystery-bags are ground HLA (Hooves, Lips and… other stuff).
Named meat puts it firmly in the posh grub category.