Pizza rat


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Ah, nothing says “family fun” like Pizza Rat.


Pizza Rat, Pizza Rat
Found wherever the pizza’s at.
Not one “may I” or a “please”
He’s a rat, He’s got disease
Look out! Here comes the Pizza Rat.


This is New York. Couldn’t he get it delivered? Meanwhile in my neck of the woods something I spotted in a hospital courtyard explained why squirrel tastes like chicken.


That RAT has good taste in food.


Maybe the boys just thought it would be faster to send Splinter for some take-out.


The only way this could be more New York is if the rat actually folded the slice.


What a coincidence, that was my nickname in middle school.


Folded Slice?


The rats here in New York are the most adorable in the world—and they can get slices for just a dollar!


PIzza Rat remembers to bring enough to share.


Always heard the NYC pizza was the best!


I’d probably enjoy the New York rats cautiously and from a distance. When I used to toss my rats a flour tortilla it turned into a tortilla-grabbing mosh pit until each one tore off a piece and ate it in the cute rat way of standing on the hind legs and eating it with both paws.


Damn, came to say he wasn’t a real New Yorker or he would have folded it!


The Deliverator will get your pizza there in 30 minutes, guaranteed!



At least he doesn’t use a knife and fork.

Lookat me Sarah, I’m a normal dude, howdy howdy howdy.


Just remember, next time you see a squirrel making angry squirrel noises at you from a nearby tree, that squirrels know that everything tastes more or less like chicken…


Reminded me of this. Just the obvious lie is so transparent:


Pizza Rat is no match for Pizza Shark!