Otter sits and eats at the table like a proper little gentleman




That’s no gentleman. Did nobody teach it to chew with its mouth closed?


" He always eats on all fours, so, since it’s so rare, when he sat on a chair to eat at the table like a gentleman, I took a video, but he wound up jumping on the table to eat just like he always does. lol."


Wild animals don’t belong at tables.


Why the fuck is this otter living in a common domicile? Is keeping an otter really an acceptable option for a pet? (Don’t get me started on ferrets.)

EDIT: Also, yes, that’s very cute even if seemingly unnatural.


I think I’ve found a slightly less savory relative…


Having seen this I now know eating all those Otter Pops as a kid was wrong. I am truly sorry.


Proper little gentleman? I can only imagine the outrage if a female otter was called a proper little lady. Have we no standards?


Of course they do. What do you do, eat them off the floor like some kind of filthy barbarian?



I am trying to figure out what that poor creature in the back is, some sort of primate it looks like, in a tiny glass enclosure.

I really hope this is some sort of rescue place.


Dunno, but there’s a damned roo wallaby in a tiny cage in the background of one the other vids. That’s all kinds of fucked up. :frowning:

Edit: According to Google’s Automatic Language Mangler, other inmates there include a loris, a little owl and the wallaby. Vids go back a couple of years or so.

I has a sad, now.


Also, let’s not forget - let’s not forget, Dude - that keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent, for uh, domestic, you know, within the city - that ain´t legal either.


But still, it is so very cute.


Get back to me when he learns how to use chopsticks.


You’re killing me.


And now I’m ready to start my day.


It’s a Slow Loris.


Depends. Do you have kids?


definitely not. i went to a pet store in tokyo and it was the most depressing thing i’ve ever seen: all manner of tiny monkeys, overbred dogs and weird owls…