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Edit: When I first looked there was no .gif to be seen. Thought we’d been trolled (again). :laughing:


I love that


I’ve watched this over and over again, and I’m still not sure exactly where the loop point is.


It’s when the dog’s front paws are next to the recycling symbol. Look at either the Home Depot logo or the part of the wrap being held taut, and you’ll see it blurring back to the start of the loop.


Imagine how especially over serious and aggrandizingly self-important our species would be if it wasn’t for dogs (and cats–I’m bi-petual)…


Although, don’t dogs and cats kind of reinforce our self-aggrandizing narcissism, because we lord our powers of can-opening, and walkies over these animals? We get to be playground dictators to them…

ETA: which isn’t to say I don’t love dogs and cats. Without my domestic animals, my life would be cold and gray, and I’d have nobody to talk to in the middle of the night, instead of my good old dog who always lends a sympathetic ear, and loves me no matter how much I dislike myself.


There isn’t one. It is eternal.


Indeed, eternal. I’m too lazy to do all the heat flux calcs, but between the friction and the insulating properties of the bubble wrap, that is one very hot dog.



Where can I buy such infinite wrapping/meshing dispenser? If possible without the dog?


I’m having a day like that right now.

Thank god for Starbucks.


If there’s no dog, what’s the point?


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