Boing Boing Ingenuity: Thank you!


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Thanks for having us! It was great fun.

Never seen those dogs in real life, but they are regularly seen delivering cosmic wisdom to Zippy The Pinhead.

Thanks for joining us!!

I love that.

There’s also one in my neighborhood at the former site of a Doggy Diner near the San Francisco Zoo, now gleefully devoid of any context that might let a casual tourist know what the hell they were looking at. I had no idea that he had relatives in town until I saw them yesterday.

There’s one of these Doggie Diner dogs at San Jose’s Streetlight Records. Also, my parents picked up a real dog in the early 70’s from someone outside of the Doggie Diner on 19th st. (SF), and he was a proud doggie daddy of about 15 dogs (two litters). RIP Bootsy. Great show, want to go again next year. Will we see videos, as I had to leave at 3:00 and missed Adam Savage.

Yes! Videos are coming!

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